Join a rabid flock of nihilists

Tuesday, June 20th, 2020

Colonizers blame the colonized
for failing to assimilate.

Slavers blame those enslaved
for lacking obedience.

A working-class white person debating Black Lives Matter is akin to the Hands of a slaver also blaming slaves for not complying, or the colonized Indigenous peoples for not assimilating.

We’re white, middle to lower-income, raised with the belief that you pull yourself up by your bootstraps, earn your way. But, we blame oppressed peoples for perpetuating oppression. We blame them, not the generations of colonizers and slavers that built the institutions, markets and culture that they are born abject of. We blame them for not seizing “opportunities,” for “taking our jobs” and for “scamming the system.”

European-white colonial peoples are the conflicted, insecure and unstable threat to a fair and just society.

I'm an unresolved shepherd,
eschewing wayward flocks of snowbirds.