The essential work.

Sunday, June 20th, 2020

Unpacking is hard work.

What is being asked of us (Caucasians) by people of colour, LGBTTQ+ and our most vulnerable peoples in society is that we learn and apply compassion to create a fairer and more just society in which we all have the same opportunity for a good life. This work is not outside of work that you, or I, are already committed to doing on ourselves each day. It is already part of our process of individuation. They are asking that we observe our privilege and respond by ending white colonial privilege. That means learning where our ignorance and intolerance live within us, determining where we lack compassion and then confronting it, relearning how to live with understanding and compassion. So, as we can all share in the opportunities at living well and can dismantle the most unjust and unfair systems in our societies. We get the chance, the gift, to rebuild how we work together to live better—creating something expansive and reflexive to change, instead of impeded by it.

That sounds pretty fucking exciting if you ask me.

This kind of work makes us sad, angry and even resentful of both the need and also our lack of choice in being imprinted. But, it’s worth it because we’re recreating ourselves with fewer obstacles and limitations. We’re creating an openness to entire cultures, information and learning that was not available before.

After long enough,
these actions become reflexes,
muscle memory.
When it does,
dig deeper,
there's more to it.