Hello, I am Benjamin Dickerson

I am an interdisciplinary creative professional working to create a fairer and more just society and improve the quality of life for under-represented peoples.

Here’s a fun party trick 🙂
I’m everywhere… IMDb, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Flickr and so on.
And I make artwork on clothes and objects!

This is where I have worked

Special Olympics Canada
(2022 to Current)
Digital Marketing ManageR

I worked collaboratively with the Marketing & Communications team across departments with internal stakeholders and in partnership with regional chapters, external partners, and constituencies, all working to serve the Special Olympics Canada programs, services, and competitions from coast to coast to coast.

The role is utilitarian, and despite being a digital marketing manager by title, the responsibilities extend beyond the bouquet implied.

My work broadly leveraged my interdisciplinary skillset, from conceptualization to production and distribution across several mediums, including marketing & communication strategies, digital ad budgeting and placement. I was responsible for email marketing, the web site’s ongoing development needs and maintenance, information service support, managing digital channels and platforms, project management and coordination, and video and photo pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution.

(2014 and ongoing)
In my contract, freelance and self-directed work, I have had the great opportunity to partner and collaborate with many clients, including Humane Canada, The Broadbent Institute, PressProgress, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, PIPSC, Canadian Labour Congress, CARE Canada, Air Transat, Starbucks, Canadian Tire, Tim Horton’s, Scotiabank, Canada Dry, Mandarin, the Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Federal NDP, and many more. I’ve worked in five election campaigns, six conventions, four national galas, one National Winter Games and one Summer World Games. I’ve worked as a videographer, editor, motion graphics artist, production assistant, writer, story editor, consultant, an Art and Creative Director, and I have managed two marketing teams.

Operation Smile Canada

Centre for Indigenous Theatre

Parkinson Canada

OCAD University

MediaStyle (now Em-Dash)

Canada’s NDP / Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition

MJM Media (now Evolve)

Carbon Sound and Picture (2008-10)


This is where I went school

2001 – 2006
OCAD University
(Fine Arts program)

The Integrated Media program is an innovative digital and time-based program encouraging interdisciplinary exploration of media practices through; film, video, robotics, electronics, performance, online, installation, interactivity, animation, and audio.

These are my skills

I am still trying to resolve how to write this because I’m blessed to have spent much time learning and growing across various mediums, media, platforms, channels, formats, utilities, and resources. In terms of foundational knowledge, storytelling is the first. I can conceptualize holistically, seeing the connections between historical, present-day, and future narratives, understanding and working within standards, guidelines, and identity, and then applying them all to strategizing and costing a complete scope of work. I have conceptual, visualization, and pre-production experience and have realized campaigns, programs and suites of deliverables, mindful of dependencies, variables, and the lifespan of the work itself. I can then produce and distribute this autonomously or in collaborations and partnerships.

I’m a MacOS user in terms of tools, media, and software. I choose MacOS to do all I can to be comfortable working across multiple mediums and media.

I write and edit Grammarly, then use Word for more editing. I manage my work in Monday.com, and I’ve also used Asana, Slack, and others.

I shoot photos and videos on Canon DSLRs and edit them in Adobe Creative Suite (Premier, After Effects, Audition, Media Encoder, Lightroom, and Photoshop). I’m also a certified Final Cut Pro user and do my colour grading in BlackMagic Davinci Resolve. I livestream with OBS and Streamyard on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Because I used to build, sell and train users in post-production systems and technology, I deeply understand production and post-production workflows and system and data requirements.

I design for print and digital media using Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. I also create and edit static and interactive PDFs in Adobe Acrobat and presentations in PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote.

I code in Dreamweaver and have managed sites in Drupal, WordPress, Nationbuilder and even Silverlight. I run ads in Meta Ads Manager, Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn and X. I pull data from Meltwater, Google Analytics, Meta Business Suite, TikTok for Business, X and Pinterest. I create single-channel and multipage data dashboards in Google Looker Studio.

I managed email marketing in Click Dimensions and MailChimp and am Certified in Blackbaud Luminate.

I play baseball, love watching movies in theatres and visiting galleries and museums.

This is more of my work
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Here are some awards & stuff

“Lindsay the Alchemist”
Watch the Teaser on YouTube

Produced, written, directed, shot, edited and music by: Benjamin Dickerson
Starring: Pip Dwyer

  • 2008 Calgary Fringe Festival: Best mid-length drama
  • 2007 Images Festival New Filmmaker
  • 2008 NYC Children’s Film Festival: Young Adult Program
  • William F. Whites Award
  • Trinity Square Video Award
  • Exclusive Film Award
  • Integrated Media Award: Runner Up
  • Distribution by Ouat Media

“Point of Light”
Watch on YouTube

Produced and directed by: Steve Giuse and Paul Matthews
Written by: Paul Matthews and Benjamin DIckerson

  • Not sure about the Awards, it aired on CBC and other channels nationally and was run is various festivals. But I’m somehow credited as a story editor, depite doing a full re-write on the script and doing on-set FX and script supervision.

“Hidden Harvest Ottawa”
Watch on YouTube

Produced by: Lee Rose (CKX.org) and Caitlin Keeley (Em-dash)
Videography by: Gabriella Warrior Renaud and Benjamin DIckerson
Edited by: Benjamin DIckerson

  • Food for Real Festival, Liverpool, UK

“You Have a Choice”
Watch on YouTube

Directed, animated and edited by: Benjamin Dickerson
Written by: Allison Gifford and Benjamin Dickerson
Produced by: D. Anderson and Benjamin Dickerson

“The Untold Story of the 2011 election”
May 6th, 2011
By Paul Wells

“For war rooms, perhaps. Voters might be less inclined to pop the champagne corks. If only they had a choice. By coincidence, on the day before the auditor-general kerfuffle, the NDP started running an ad called, “You Have A Choice.” ”

Continued on at:

Link: “Chapter 3: The Velocity of Indignation”

“My Journey”
Page 289
By Olivia Chow

“Olivia’s Eulogy”
Watch on YouTube
Edited by: Benjamin Dickerson
Directed by: Olivia Chow
Produced by: Olivia Chow, Kathleen Monk. E. Jacobson, and D. Anderson

“My Journey” Promo
Watch on YouTube
Directed and Edited by: Benjamin Dickerson
Produced by: Olivia Chow and Joe Cressy

“Behind the Orange Wave”
By Brad Lavigne

“You Have a Choice”
Watch on YouTube

Directed, animated and edited by: Benjamin Dickerson
Written by: Allison Gifford and Benjamin Dickerson
Produced by: D. Anderson and Benjamin Dickerson

This is where you can contact me
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