Tokyo, Japan
January 5 2024

Most of these photos are from walking around Asakusa, the markets, side streets, and the Sensō-ji temple.

These photos were all shot on my Canon 1DX Mark II and edited in Adobe Lightroom.

Canon 1DX Mark II
Wrestle Kingdom 18
tokyo dome

For context, Wrestle Kingdom is an annual professional wrestling event run by New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). It’s similar to Wrestlemania, except it’s always run in the ToyheldDome. Attendance varies yearly, but it ranges between 40 and 60 thousand people.

Photos from Wrestle Kingdom 18 at the Tokyo Dome on January 4, 2024. Captured using my iPhone 14 Pro and edited in Adobe Lightroom Classic. 18 at the Tokyo Dome, January 4, 2024. These were shot on my iPhone 14 Pro and processed in Adobe Lightroom Classic. Throughout our Tokyo trip, I shot most of the photos on my Canon 1DX Mark II. However, for Wrestle Kingdom, I was unsure about the Tokyo Dome’s camera policies, especially for International guests at the events, so I used my iPhone 14 Pro as an alternative.

iPhone 14 Pro
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